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Little Mermaid

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mermaid party decorationsLife is the "bubbles" under the sea and at this Little Mermaid birthday party.

Party guests will join Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian and the rest of the gang for an under-the-sea adventure, filled with fish, bubbles, kelp, sunken treasures and more...

Let's "dive" into the fun...

Set the Scene:

  • Have guests dive into your “bubbly” undersea adventure with a bubble machine at the entrance to the party.
  • Drape blue cloth in “waves” across the ceiling or create a wavy blue canopy cover in the air if the party is outside.
  • Create the effect of bubbles inside with a variety of balloons (clear, white, and light blue) floating in the air. Another great bubble effect can be achieved using embroidery hoops or circles made from wire in varying shapes, covered in sheer fabric, and then strung from above with fishing line.
  • Design your own kelp forest by inflating green balloons and tying them to green streamers, floor to ceiling
  • Go Fish! Get your child into the fun by having them help you cut out and decorate schools of fish and other sea life using construction paper, markers, chalk, googly eyes. Add sparkly scales with glitter if desired. Suspend your fish creations from the ceiling with streamers or fishing line. Hang them up on the walls of the party space as well. You can even create adorable jellyfish using coffee filters misted with water and red food coloring (do this outside to avoid staining anything and let dry) and then add to set the scene.
  • Using an old chest or a box, create a “treasure chest” filled with human artifacts for Ariel and her guests to find.
  • Print out pictures of King Triton, Sebastian, Flounder and Ursula and put them on the walls.
  • Scatter seashells, sand, starfish etc. on the table.

Jellyfish Decorations - Little Mermaid Party

Food Ideas:

  • Octopus Dogs: Cut a hot dog in half. On the cut end side, cut 8 “legs,” leaving about I inch of the hot dog untouched (this will be the head of the octopus). Place the hot dogs into boiling water and boil as instructed on the hot dog package. The legs will curl in the boiling water.
  • Ocean Jello: Make a batch of blue jello inside a clear glass bowl (a style similar to a fish bowl would be optimal). Once it begins to set, sink several Swedish Fish candies into the Jello at varying heights. Once fully set, crumble up graham crackers on top of half of the Jello to create a “beach.” Sour strip candies make great beach towels, while drink umbrellas make perfect beach umbrellas. Teddy Grahams can be used as beach goers. If you like, you could use rock candy as a rock in the middle of the ocean and place a miniature-sized Ariel on the rock.
  • Jelly Fish Sandwiches: Cut fish shapes from sandwich bread and fill with jelly. (you could also fill with different fillings such as tuna fish, turkey, ham, etc.
  • Sushi Sandwiches: Cut sandwich bread into two rectangles. Spread a small amount of cream cheese and add some turkey, ham or salami. You could also add some cucumber or lettuce. Roll them like sushi.
  • Fill a goldfish bowl with…you guessed it…goldfish crackers.
  • Fish sticks
  • Shell Pasta – Shell-shaped Pasta topped with grated cheese to look like sand.
  • Seven Seas Sherbet Punch: In a large punchbowl, mix 2 quarts lime sherbet, 2 liters ginger ale, and 1 can (46 oz) pineapple juice. Lemon and lime slices as well as Maraschino cherries can be added for extra decoration.Octopus Hot Dogs - Little Mermaid Party

Sweet Ending Ideas:

  • Mermaid Cookie Wands – Prepare rolled sugar cookie dough. Cut out dough into starfish shapes. Insert a lollipop stick. Bake as directed. (You might want to wrap the sticks with aluminum foil so that they don’t darken in the oven. Decorate as desired with frosting. Tie streaming ribbons to the top of the stick just under the cookies, to give it a wand-like appearance.
  • Ocean Jello Cake – Bake a cake as normal. Cut out a shallow hole (like a pool or pond) in the middle. (It must be surrounded by cake on all edges in order for the jello to set inside). Make blue jello according to the package directions. Let cool until partially set (about an hour and a half) and then pour into the cut out area of the cake. You can insert fish, etc. if you like. Decorate the rest of the cake like a beach. Crumbled graham crackers makes great sand!


  • Pin the tail (or crown) on the mermaid
  • Make a shell necklace using beads, dyed pasta shells, paint, glitter, glue and twine.
  • Sand in a Bottle - Using small bottles with cork lids (available at most craft stores or dollar stores), let the kids create "sand" artwork either from colored sand from your local craft store or a fun, edible twist is to give each kid a package of pixie sticks for their colored "sand."
  • Mermaid Starfish WandsMermaid Race – Give each child a drawstring-syle plastic trash bag to step into. Tie the drawstrings around their waist. You might need to tighten it with a piece of duct tape around their waste. Place another strip of duct tape around their knees to create a mermaid fin. The kids should then “race” by lying on the floor and crawling/swimming to the finish line.
  • Make your own crowns. Cut out crown shape strips from poster board. Have the kids decorate with markers, glitter, plastic gems, paint, etc. When finished, have an adult size it around the child’s head and staple the ends together to form the circular crown.
  • Ocean In a Bottle – Take an empty bottle (soda or water bottles work great for this project). Add some sand and shells if desired into the bottle. Fill each bottle 2/3 of the way with water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring. Optional: Add Glitter. Then fill the rest of the bottle with cooking oil to create a wave-like effect.
  • Under the Sea Limbo - Use a blue sheet as the limbo stick and have the kids dance under the "waves" to the song "Under the Sea"

Mermaid Wands - Starfish Cookie PopsParty Favors:

  • Sandpails make a perfect holder for your favors for this mermaid party.
  • Starfish Cookie Wands
  • Mermaid Wands made from a clay starfish or a real starfish
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Gummy Fish
  • Beach toys or inflatable beach ball
  • Shell necklace, bracelet or ring
  • “Lifesaver” candy or mints

Let There Be Music:

  • Soundtrack to Little Mermaid
  • Disney Remix Mania - an great remixed, pop-version of some of your favorite Disney songs
  • Disney Mania - This series features current artists singing classic Disney songs

Entertain with Parties with Jazz!

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